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About Your Best Face Skincare founders, the brand and some skin care tips.



Darrell Owens, founding partner & principal formulator
Your Best Face Skincare LLC


Kimberley Fristed, founding partner
Your Best Face Skincare LLC

Darrell Owens, Your Best Face (YBF) Skincare:  

Kimberley Fristed, Your Best Face (YBF) Skincare:


As long as I can remember, I've been a label reader — curious about science, technology and how things work (sorry mom for what I did to your Zenith...and your clock radio, oh and that horrible marbles incident with the blender circa 1974).

My natural curiosity somehow synced up with my career over the years — so I feel quite lucky. Along the way I've had some amazing bosses who pushed and sometimes pulled me into roles including graphic designer, culture analyst, communications and strategic initiatives manager (join me
here on LinkedIn). These folks, along with my former teams and co-workers, shaped the experience I draw on every day with Your Best Face Skincare.

I may be slightly guilty of being a prankster, but I often claim the Fifth (sorry Roxie for that unfortunate event with the Pikachu calculator, forgotten above you in the ceiling tiles and programmed to announce each hour with a "Pikapee!," "Choo!" or "Pika Pika!").


I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners at home, sharing a bottle of wine... oh, wait. Start over...

I've worked several different jobs, from demolition derby sign up to sports pub bartender, with retail assistant manager and corporate trainer somewhere in between. I've earned two degrees (a bachelors for organizational communications and an associates for graphics technology). My most recent corporate position was as a graphic designer (find me here on LinkedIn). I have to say I've enjoyed every job but one; not bad, since there have been so many.

My favorite? Absolutely, positively, no question about it — working with Darrell and creating Your Best Face Skincare. I'm thankful for all the job experience I've had in the past that I can pull from when we find ourselves in different situations and with different opportunities for YBF. Outside of business, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family, creating jewelry and taking on other creative, artsy endeavors.


We're about technology
Our Brand — is about technology

Because of amazing advances in technology, skincare as a product category is evolving from merely a repetitive collection of basic sunscreens and exotic, expensive moisturizers to something more — something much more credible and effective.

The language of skincare is also evolving and what used to define youthful-looking skin — the absence of wrinkles — now includes the importance of maintaining or restoring healthy-looking skin.

What makes this an even more exciting time is that because of their interest in technology, even young people now enjoy quality skincare solutions and are taking better care of their skin.

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...and discovery
Our History — is about discovery

YBF's founders, Darrell and Kimberley met nearly two decades ago when they worked together at a Fortune 100 company.

The two quickly became great friends whose past-time was visiting local coffee shops while dreaming of starting a business together.

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